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Need a skills video?

The FPOS videos that are outlined below were formulated by the founders of of FPOS  Kim Gwydir with the feedback of active Division I, II & III college coaches. That being said, FPOS’s unique relationship to the current recruiting market gives us unparalleled insight into the exact demands and needs that a College Recruiting Video should meet.

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Speak with one of our FPOS staff - which include former D1 and D2 college coaches - about the recruiting process

  • Get personalized information about the recruiting process

  • Get insight about the type of programs that fit best

  • Be able to get answers to your recruiting questions to help maximize your daughters chances to find a scholarship at a program that fits her needs.

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Online Class


Fastpitch Online was started by Coach Kim Gwydir to help all players learn about the college softball recruiting process. With recruiting starting earlier and earlier, it is crucial for players and their parents to "get the facts" as soon as possible and create their customized recruiting plan.

With video lessons, articles assignments and consulting, this class will help your softball player on the road to finding the right fit in a college. This course includes a Gold membership to Fastpitch Online Showcase which includes a dynamic online profile that you can update at anytime and send to college coaches, college coach email database and an email generator to help you with your first email. This interactive course includes assignments and consulting with recruiting experts at Fastpitch Online Showcase.

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