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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is Fastpitch Online Showcase (FPOS)?

- FPOS is a leader in softball specific video recruiting and consulting. We do softball and only softball and have held events in CT, NY, PA, IA, KS, MO, TX, and FL. Our educational and video services are unmatched. Our online class in recruiting "The Roadmap to College Recruiting Success" is a must have for any softball player or parent. 


2)  What does a FPOS skills video look like?

- Catchers will hear throw down times from the video station (5 throws)

- Pitchers will hear pitch speeds and type from the video station (2 fastballs, 2 change ups and 3 pitches of their choice)

- Infield and Outfield will show defense from the video station (5 fly balls or ground balls)

- All players will show batting if done at the event at the video station

- Player name and grad year on a frame at the beginning of the video and also include music


3) What is the cost of the individual skills video?

                - The cost is $45

4) Can I download my video to my computer?

  • The showcase price DOES NOT include the rights to download the video to your computer

  • For an additional fee of $20, you can purchase download rights. But you must buy the $45 skills video first.

5) Can I get a DVD copy of my video sent to me?

- If you wish, a DVD copy can be purchase for an additional fee of $25 (includes shipping and handling) once you have purchased your video.

6) Can I have my skills video edited? Can I add clips of my own?

- FPOS will do LIMITED amount of editing upon request. Yes, additional clips can be added. Please contact after the event.


7) If I wait to purchase my video until after the event – will the cost be the same?


- No, after the event the cost will be $75.


8) If I purchase the video, can college coaches find it on YouTube?

                - Yes

How do I purchase my skills video? Use the form in your check in bag or online 

Questions? Call or Text 786-251-9598

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