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This video service is for groups who want FPOS to come to their field for a team video day.
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Skills Videos - FPOS Certified 

The FPOS videos that are outlined below were formulated by the founders of of FPOS  Kim Gwydir with the feedback of active Division I, II & III college coaches. That being said, FPOS’s unique relationship to the current recruiting market gives us unparalleled insight into the exact demands and needs that a College Recruiting Video should meet.

Our goal at FPOS is to create a skills taping day will be similar to any live showcase. To simulate the live situation, FPOS will tape a limited number of repetitions allowing you to showcase your skills. From that set of limited repetitions, the best clips will be included in your skills video. Having a “perfect video” would decrease the legitimacy of the video in the eyes of a college coach. Coaches are aware that even the best fielders make errors and the best pitchers miss their spots. Therefore, our process was designed to give a coach as accurate a representation of each player as possible. All skills video that are taped by FPOS will receive a FPOS certification which will indicate to college coaches that trained FPOS professionals taped your skills video under game like situations. FPOS offers two types of skill video types the Snap Shot and the Deluxe Skills video.

FPOS offer three opportunities to have your skills video completed:
1. At FPOS One day filming sites
2. Prior to major softball recruiting tournaments
3. Individual & Team filming dates can be set up please call 1-877-333-6613 or email us at for further rate information and to find out FPOS availability.

Finally, it is important to realize that the skills video is only the FIRST step in getting a player recruited. As a Silver or Gold Member of FPOS you will have access to our college recruiting resource center that will outline the necessary step and provide additional resources to assist you in the college recruiting process.

Should only a high school junior get a fastpitch softball skills video done? Absolutely not!

College coaches are looking at recruits earlier and earlier. You have heard of the recent increase in verbal commitments by players as young as the 10th grade.

Coaches want to see video of the up and coming softball players as much if not more that the current junior class.

Recruiting process should begin in freshman year in high school

We can create a “softball skills video snapshot” at an economical price to help you market yourself to college coaches.

There are thousands of girls playing softball who want to be seen by college coaches – what is going to make them see you?

Which Video is for best for my needs?

FPOS recommends the Snap Shot video for players who are just beginning their process and need to display their athletic talents to college coaches. In general a freshman or sophomore player would need the snap shot video. The Deluxe is for a player who is later in the recruiting process or a player who plays multiple positions and the player desires to provide the college coaches a more comprehensive display of their softball abilities.

Will FPOS Edit my skills video if the footage has already been taken or unable to attend an FPOS certified event?

Yes, FPOS training professionals will edit your daughter’s skill footage and develop a finished skills video. An hourly fee of $60 per hour will be charged. Please call us at 1-877-333-6613 or email us at to find out further information

FPOS Types of Skills Videos offered at FPOS One day Filming Events & Major Softball Recruiting Tournaments

Snap Shot Video (approx. 3 to 4 min in length)
1 Position only being taped
Players Receive

  • Infielders - receive grounds ball with throws (2 camera angles) 
  • Middle infielders - will receive ground balls at SS with throw to 1B and double plays at second base
  • 1st Baseman– ground balls with throws to 3B , receiving throws at 1B
  • 3rd Baseman – ground balls with throws to 1B and bunts with throws
  • Outfielders – throws to home plate and second base ( 2 camera angles) 
  • Catchers – throw downs to 2nd ( 2 camera angles), fielding bunts, blocking and framing 
  • Pitchers - get 3 pitches including fastball ( 2 camera angles)
Batting (2 camera angles)
Base running – Home to first
Includes graphics and slow motion effects Includes 1 DVD with case (additional DVD copies are available at cost of $10 per copy plus tax, shipping & handling cost)

Cost of Snap Shot Skill Video $249 at FPOS sponsored filming locations (plus tax)

Skills Video Deluxe Skills Video (approx. 5 to 7 min in length)
Same skills as Snapshot Skills Video with a second position included

Hitting ( 2 Camera Angles)
Base running (Home to first)
Includes graphics and slow motion effects Includes 1 DVD with case (additional DVD copies are available at cost of $10 per copy plus tax, shipping & handling cost)

Cost of Deluxe Skill Video $349 at FPOS sponsored filming locations (plus tax)

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